Dental PPC Advertising—The Obvious Choice

What is Dental PPC Advertising?

Let’s get a clear definition. Everyone is familiar with the online shopping experience and how the ads follow your recent browsing history. These ads are paid for on a “Pay Per Click” basis. This means the advertiser is only paying for that advertisement if you actually click on the link.

Do you want a billboard in front of the customers who are most likely to enter your dental office? Then Pay Per Click advertising is the single best way to do so. If your office is located in Kansas City, and someone searches “Kansas City Dentist Near Me,” you need a two-pronged way to respond digitally—Strong SEO and PPC.

Strong SEO is your Dentist Office’s best way to land on the top results of this search. However, PPC is the best way to place your “billboard” directly in this person’s path who is actively searching for a dentist near your practice.    

The Keys To Successful Dental PPC Management

This is how we make sure our clients get the highest return on their paid dental advertising spend.

The Right Choices for Dental PPC

Run Strategic Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns For Your Practice

In order to proceed toward PPC advertising, you need an understanding of the platforms where your advertisement will live. The following are the most popular and best paid advertising platforms for dentists. Let’s discuss the customers you will target by using each.

Google Ads For Dentist Is The Quickest Way to Get New Patients For Any Service

This is how we make sure our clients get the highest return on their paid dental advertising spend.

Is anyone surprised? Google is the number one search platform in the world, generating 40,000 search results per second! Of course you need to have a strong PPC advertising presence (as well as a strong SEO strategy) on Google, but what kind of ROI will you see? We’ll cut to the chase—a very good ROI.

Your highest quality leads will come from this platform, and it’s proven that you’ll get new patients within 24 hours. The reason they are so effective at delivering ads to target audiences is because Google constantly asks itself, “What is this person searching for?” Unlike other platforms, Google only shows ads related to what someone is looking for—including local dental offices. Not only will they see an ad that is relevant to their search, but they’ll also be able to find your physical office thanks to Google’s ad extensions. Doesn’t it make sense to put your money toward a platform that reaches your target audience at the moment they are in need and helps them find your physical location? Of course it does.

We Use Facebook Ads For Dentists To Educate, Reach Targeted Audiences, & To Engage With The Community

Facebook’s unique insights allows us to target the ideal patient. This includes paid Instagram ads too.

Humor us a little as we continue to use the billboard analogy. Just one more time, promise. Imagine driving by a dental billboard that suddenly yelled from on high, “Happy birthday! Tell the kids I said hi!” Besides swerving off the road, you would feel seen and cared for by that dental office.

This is the advantage of facebook and social media ads. There are many advantages to facebook ads like extremely low cost for reaching a very broad audience, but the primary benefit of social media advertising is the personal touch it affords you. Not only can you be proactive in how you interact with customers, you can actually target your ads to people’s interests and behaviors. For example, you can offer your teeth whitening service to people who are about to experience a life event like graduations or weddings.

Social media is a promising way to get new clients, but it’s also your number one tool for retaining past customers. Retargeting allows you the opportunity to do both as your ads can follow them to their favorite social media platforms after visiting your site. Bottom line, low investment in a highly relational advertising strategy is a sure way to convert users into customers.

Microsoft Advertising Formerly Known As Bing Ads Helps Target An Older Demographic

Bing may have a lower volume of users, but it’s one of the most underutilized and cost-effective methods in dental ppc.

Microsoft/Bing Advertising Sure, Google is the behemoth of advertising, but Bing is the leviathan. Since Bing is the standard browser for Microsoft products, it has a very high volume of users. This is also an effective strategy in targeting older populations who are satisfied with using the standard browser. Since there’s such a high volume of users, the cost per lead is impressively low making Microsoft and Bing advertising equally important as Google.

Retarget Every Person That Visits Your Practice’s Website. Become Omnipresent. 

Have you ever visited a website, and then were followed all over the internet by their banners?

Have you ever visited and then shortly after start to see their ads everywhere you go? That’s what remarketing it. It follows the visitors of your website everywhere they go allows for maximum brand recognition. PPC for dental practices isn’t just for generating new leads, it also helps retain more existing patients. The perfect way to check if you’re already doing this is seeing if you have a facebook pixel or google remarketing tag installed. This will tag each visitor allowing each of those platforms to show display ads and create similar audiences for a lower cost per lead.

Brainstorm With Our Dental PPC Experts & See If You’re Practice’s Paid Campaigns Are Profitable

You entered the dental field to serve the individuals within your community and to create a healthier world.

You have plenty to focus on with plenty of patients to serve. However, you’re aware that you need an effective strategy to compete and gain more customers. This is the tension, isn’t it—to be caught between doing your business and growing your business?

Let us help. We are perfectly poised to assist you in PPC dental management. We will guide you in getting your name in front of the right people in order to convert your marketing dollars into actual customers. As your dental PPC agency, we will immerse ourselves in understanding who you are. You know that each of your customers have their own unique needs, and we understand that you do as well. We will work to meet those unique needs, and that’s why you can trust us with your dental PPC advertising.

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