Dentistry Social Media:

In 2016, a dental office in Dallas, Texas found itself in deep trouble with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. An employee had taken it upon himself to post responses to Yelp reviews. In doing so, he mentioned specific patients by first and last name and even disclosed some of their medical history. We don’t need to tell you the issue here. HIPPA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, had been seriously violated, and the office ended up paying $10,000 in court.

Social Media—It’s a tricky beast, isn’t it? Utilizing social media for dental practices is a must in today’s marketplace, but it also comes with an inherent risk. It’s the best way to market your office, but it’s also a dangerous, legal tightrope. In this article, we hope you walk away with:

  1. An understanding of the important role social media plays in marketing your practice.
  2. Some dental social media ideas.
  3. An understanding of the legal limitations.

Word of Mouth in 2020

In the olden days, dentists hoped their clients would spread their name through the community by word of mouth. However, dentists are no longer at the mercy of a client’s willingness to mention them. They once hoped their name would be mentioned around water coolers or cookouts. Now dentists can stand at the water cooler or grab a plate at the cookout.

People are on social media. This is where we hang out, catch up, and express opinions. Businesses now have the opportunity to mingle with their clients right where they hang out. You are capable of keeping your brand in front of your customers at all times. However, thoughtful dental posts for social media do more than billboards. They actually craft a story and a message. You are no longer a slave to whatever experience your customers claim they had. You can tell a story about your staff, your facilities, your experience, and your procedures. This, in turn, will improve your brand.

Having a strong online presence means your office will attract new customers, build relationships with past customers, and establish yourself as the leader in your field. Let’s talk ideas.

How to Excel at Dental Posts for Social Media:

Be a Human. Not a Dentist.

We all know dentist visits create anxiety in people. In some cases, this means they’ll forego the dentist altogether. Social Media gives you the opportunity to showcase the caring, friendly faces of your office. It lets people see the silly side of your staff, so be sure to fill your feed with their smiling faces. After all, these are the people customers will meet upon visiting your practice. Be sure to highlight real people rather than posts focusing on clinical jargon.

Create an “Oh, Wow.”

Post content that will engage your audience by educating them on dentistry through videos, pictures, or related articles. The more your audience learns about the fascinating advancements in dental technology, the more appreciation they will have for your vocation. This builds trust and allows them to see the importance of visiting their dentist.

Be the Expert.

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. These are some of the best social media sites for social media campaigns, and they all have something in common. They are visual! They are made for photos and videos, and this gives you the opportunity to show off your knowledge. Regularly film yourself discussing various topics that you have devoted your life to. Then post across all platforms, establishing yourself as the expert in the field.

Keep it Legal!

To segue into our next section, you must maintain all HIPPA standards as you grow your social media presence.

Understanding the Law:

Things can get a little complicated here. There are guidelines that exist in any workplace like anti-discrimination or employee privacy, and these don’t cease to exist on social media. However, there are also state-by-state laws and rules unique to dentistry. For example, if you mention being “the best” dentist, you may find yourself on thin legal ice. Also, guaranteeing results is prohibited in many cases.

It is imperative that you, or whoever is managing your social media accounts, be knowledgeable about HIPPA, and when HIPPA is being violated. These violations often occur by:

  • Sharing images without written consent.
  • Posting a photo of your practice without realizing a patient is visible in the shot.
  • Sharing info even when the patient is unnamed.
  • Wrongfully assuming posts are private

It is strongly recommended that the dentist himself or herself give final approval of all social media posts before they are published. This can be done with regular reviews of the dental social media calendar rather than daily giving the thumbs up to your social media manager. There must also be a clear filing system for all dental social media consent forms.

Keep it Easy with a Dental Social Media Agency 

This probably sounds like a lot of work. You may be questioning if it’s worth it. We promise it is because, at its most basic, this is simply a quality marketing plan. You need to get your brand out there in order to get customers, and the best place to do that is on social media.

That’s why you need the help of a premium dental social media agency who will take the time to learn your personality and the ins and outs of your practice. We will familiarize ourselves with your procedures, your staff, your policies, your history, and your community. This personalized and thorough approach gives us the opportunity to represent you well as we attract new clients and retain previous visitors.

If you plan to allocate dollars to a social media marketing strategy, you need to ensure that you’re getting an ROI with a full waiting room. We have years of experience and a proven track record in kick-starting social media plans for dental practices, and we want to see you experience the same success.

Let’s start crafting your online presence today, so you can gain the trust of your community and become the leading dentist in your area.

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