What Goes Into Designing A Dental Practice Website That Works

Hello, Dentist. You Need a Website.

What types of insurance do you accept? Do you offer payment plans? How much is hygiene cleaning without insurance?

Can you guess what each one of these questions has one thing in common? They can all be resolved through your practice’s website. The reality of it is that the vast majority of potential patients prefer to have the questions answered online rather than dialing a phone.

Whether you’ve practiced dentistry for decades or you’re launching your first private practice, you absolutely need a website. A well-crafted dental website can serve multiple purposes for your company. For the most part, our entire planet lives online. It’s where we do our shopping, planning, booking, and entertainment. If you, as a dental provider, are not as easily accessible as everything else in life, then you will lose potential customers to the dentist who is.

Now, here’s the reality. You can’t just slap your phone number and address on a registered domain name. Your website must be an active representative of you and your business. It must have a life, and as your business’s first impression, it should engage viewers and lead them to selecting you as their dentist of choice.

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How Having A Custom Dental Website Will Generate More Patients

A website for your dental practice is the first piece of marketing that potential patients will see. They want to find an easy way to make an appointment, see if you accept their insurance or the cost of the visit, and they want to see the Dr. that’ll be working on their teeth. Here are some vital elements to any dental practice website design must have.

The Most Affordable Dental Website Designers In The Industry 

Good dental or orthodontist website designers know the above elements like the back of their hand, but great designers know how to capture the spirit of the dentist office for which they are building a site. Here’s what to look for when hiring dental website designers or orthodontist website designers.

  1. Content is King.

Your website can be the most beautiful thing on the internet, or it can be chocked full of bells and whistles. However, if your website doesn’t give the information that people are looking for, they will click over to a dental practice that communicates more clearly through their website.

However, you also need to quickly communicate what makes you stand out. Sure, your website may cover all the basic information about you, but potential customers also want to be impressed. Your dental office is not generic. Your dental practice website design shouldn’t be either. It should communicate what your office offers and the services you specialize in. It should also communicate your personality and any other crucial information that your customers will value. Each page is written using information gathered during the onboarding call we perform when you partner with us. 

As you craft the actual content of your site, are you keeping the customer in mind and effectively serving them by providing the information they need? Also, are you showing them what makes you unique and giving them insight into what makes you, YOU?

  1. Design is Queen.

There are two obvious ways a website’s design will work against you.

  • It’s ugly. A website will have a negative psychological effect on your viewers if it’s unpleasant to their eyes. A trained designer will know what color schemes and font combinations have a naturally pleasing appearance. They will also be aware of how to utilize space in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your visitors and brings a sense of calm and professionalism.
  • It’s difficult. You may have a lot to communicate through your dental or orthodontist website design. However, you need to figure out what is necessary to communicate and what is not. Then, your site needs a logical, intuitive flow to prevent your customers from getting frustrated and leaving.
  1. Attraction and Action

An intentional and thorough approach to developing the SEO of your dental office website is the most effective way to attract new visitors. There must be extensive research on keywords that are effective for your local setting. Phrases like, “Springfield Affordable Dentist,” or “children friendly dentist in Greenville” are sure to bring more visitors to your site from your region.

However, the attraction is useless if those visitors don’t take action! This takes us all the way back to the beginning of this post. Your website is your main representative in a world that has gone digital. You’ve put in the time and energy to make a beautiful, functional website that attracts customers and then… nothing. If all they get from your website is your phone number, then you’ve wasted money on an ineffective website. Your site must offer clear actions, and this will convert visitors into customers. With clear action steps, your website will move far beyond paying for itself. It will drastically grow your business!

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Websites will provide another channel of getting potential patients and serve as the first point of contact. 

Ask questions when interviewing potential dental website designers. Don’t let them simply flash pretty-looking homepages at you. Make sure they spell out how they will enrich your site by enhancing its SEO. Ask them about the page speed. How intentional are they about optimizing your site for local search? Will your site be responsive to each display size?

This is why Dental Marketing Dynamite is the best option for your dental office website design. We strive to make the most effective site possible for your dentist practice, and we guarantee regular visitors who convert into customers. One of the key ways we accomplish this is by personalizing content to your practice based off an extensive onboarding interview. We want to get to know you and give you the best dental practice website design possible that is true to you.

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